In the northwest of Italy there is a big region called Piedmont (Piemonte); full of traditions and culture, this is a land very varied talking about landscapes: from Alps covered by snow in the majority of the year to the fertile Po valley.
In this splendid territory there is an hilly area in the right of the Tanaro river called Langa, a place full of charm, populated since ancient times as indicated by thousand-year marks that are present here.
Today there is a Langa more rich where the soil is fertile and the vine-growing allow to realize wines famous all around the world, first of those the Barolo. There is also a Langa more “poor”, with a soil more rugged and wild, that is called Alta Langa (“High Langa”), abandoned for long historical periods and forgotten by modern touristic itinerary, but that just for this reason had preserved intact the charm of good old times / olden times.
The southern hill of Alta Langa stretch forward to Ligurian Sea from which frequently they receive lukewarm southern winds and thanks to their height (medium 2296 ft.) it is possible extend the view from the snowy Alps to the valley.
In Alta Langa there aren’t big architectural masterpieces or industrial parks and for that reason don’t attract tourist masses or financial capitals. It is an archaic land and poorly populated where colors, odors and flavors have a particular intensity that you can find in other places with difficulty.
This isn’t a place for all, but just for who is able to appreciate the quiet far away from chaotic locations, for who is able to immerse him/herself into a lowly polluted nature, for who is able to feed him/herself on breath-taking panorama and unknown details, for who admire the authenticity of traditional rural customs.

Langa, our lovely land.

Alta Langa.




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