The 'Navilla experience.

The 'Navilla experience.

The 'Navilla experience born with our family: the houses that you can live are those that had leave a mark in the Gonella’s family life from at least 5 generations.

'Navilla is formed by two housing obtained from an careful restoration of the ancient family barn and by a third independent housing resulting from a refurbishment of Gonella’s gear shelter: all the little compound is well-characterized by sweat and tears of generations of workers that you can feel in every single stone of the buildings.

We want to highlight that the supporting structure of 'Navilla is well-respected during the restoration insomuch as we have recycle as much as possible the materials coming from the ancient building: for example, the “ciappe” that had formed the roof now are used to set up the yard in front of 'Navilla and the beams yet present in the ancient structure and still considered suitable have been maintained in the original location. This choice was made to demonstrate Gonella’s family will to keep intact 'Navilla’s story, making it, in the meantime, comfortable for our guests.

Another important aspect of the refurbishment was the commitment to use materials and furniture that belonged yet to 'Navilla or that were retrieved thanks to our friends and adapting them to 'Navilla’s needs; examples are the internal wood ladders that are in every housing: two of those were recovered from other Alta Langa’s houses and one was yet here in 'Navilla. The industrious restoration was conducted by Gonella’s family and some friends from Igliano, in accordance with rural traditions that consider mutual support between friends and neighbors like basis of the civil life.

Spend some days in the pure air of Igliano will help you to feel closer to roots that unite us to our Mother Earth, keeping away for a moment difficulties and strains of everyday life.

That which strike further are the opportunities of merger with the authenticity of those Alta Langa lands that was named “Deserta Langarum” (desert of Langa, in ancient latin) 1000 years ago but that give some unique emotions thanks to those panoramas painted by different seasons; a walk through local path immersed into vegetation will let you deeply unite to this land, simple but breath-taking, as you will take it in your heart forever.

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