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The Old Barn

Cows owned by our family always felt comfortable here...you’ll see that you’ll agree with them!

The old barn

Your Home...Outside.

Three dwelling are obtained from the restoration of the old property and here it is possible to feel the attention to maintain the architectural traditions in every detail. Nothing was destroyed (if not strictly necessary), keeping intact the ancient walls, built with the famous “pietra di Langa” (Stone of Langa).

The disposition of every location isn’t changed letting guests experience of living in an ancient rustic. Where was necessary to intervene, were used (as possible) natural and original materials.

Floors are made with paving stones (called “ciappe”) coming from the demolition of ancient roof so as to leave in the same place those objects that had absorbed the energy released in the centuries by who lived here.

Ceilings are totally constituted by beams and boards in chestnut wood, which for millennia was the material used for construct Alta Langa’s buildings.
Doors and windows, inner staircase and balconies, all in chestnut wood, are made with same working method that carpenters from Piedmont (here called “mais da bosch” – wood masters) used in the past centuries.

For each dwelling, we create bathrooms (with shower) completely from scratch leaving visible walls made by natural Langa’s stone and daubing with lime other walls following ancient country methods.

Every dwelling is constituted by a living/dining room (low ground) with homemade kitchen area, walnut kitchen counter, sink with hot and cold water, fridge, electric or gas hob. Through an inner chestnut staircase, upstairs you can find the wide and bright bedroom, well-appointed with typical furniture from Piedmont, from which you can access to the very sunny outer balcony, perfect place for some relax. In every dwelling you will find a bathroom with shower, wc and bidet in ceramic with vintage taps and fittings. The communal outer areas consist of a well-finished green grass, a barnyard paved with “ciappe” and a portico equipped with a small table (very useful during rainy days) that allow to enjoy completely climate and atmosphere of Alta Langa, made by quiet and harmony.

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The little house

The romantic atmosphere of this Little House, along with the close contact with the real Langa’s stone, will envelop you since the first moment in ‘Navilla.

The little house (Casetta)
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Chez Gigi

Our friend Gigi makes some rooms available to you in Castel hamlet, always in Igliano...

Chez Gigi

Quality and Services

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The Portico

The shadow and cool of the portico have always infused reinvigorating breaks during sunny afternoons in Langa...

The portico

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