Staying in Alta Langa – and in Igliano in particular - means immersing in a different world, totally in very close contact with the nature, sometimes also wild, that govern the lives of who dwell here. There aren’t so many residents, but there are a lot of animals, especially roe deer, deer, boars, foxes, badgers, hares, squirrels, dormouse and a big variety of birds. Everyone lives in perfect symbiosis, with mutual respect, in a natural balance fixed during centuries.

Here the life, articulated by the rhythm of seasons, flows slowly, without anxiety or haste, like pure water in rittani, those little brooks that go down in the valley passing the forest. It look to be “out of world”.

But it’s enough take the car and in 1h South direction we are at the Ligurian Sea in Riviera and in 1,30h we could reach Portofino or Montecarlo and the French “Costa Azzurra”. If we choose North direction from Igliano, in the same time, we can reach Torino, wonderful Baroque city. In ½ hour it’s possible to reach the ski slopes in Limone Piemonte, or maybe Mondovì, Alba and Cherasco, little art treasures. In few minutes we start to experience the Langhe with its world famous vineyard.

An advice: why don’t visit Expo 2015 in Milan staying in Alta Langa? In a couple of hours you will be in the center of the world and then come back in our little paradise of total relax!

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Take a look at the way the 84 Igliano people live and how their ancestors did.

Alta Langa

Someone called her “Deserta Langarum”, but for us this is Home. Find out why and live the Alta Langa yourself.

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