What make this little Alta Langa’s village like a little Paradise?

It’s difficult to explain, but very easier to understand staying a while.

Held in a lush valley, far from noise and air pollution, Igliano lives deep in a habitat of never-ending relax. The atmosphere that’s there is pure and fragrances have an ancestral smell: grass fresh cut, wood that burn in the fireplace, soil plowed. The unique sounds that you can hear are those of the nature: birdsongs soon in the spring morning, cricket chirping during long summer afternoons or the absolute silence of the snow that cover everything in the clear winter days. Stress stays far away, beyond the hills that surround the village; here is just quiet and harmony with the ambient.

Despite there aren’t many people that lives in Igliano, you will never suffer loneliness. Seeing roe deer jumping in the dusk or glimpse a hare that leap on the border of the forest is a very common experience. It’s so relaxing walking in the wood populated by lots of animals that – although wild – have something familiar. The squirrel that inquiring scrutinize us from a branch or the badger that clumsily pass the path let us really feel taking part of an harmonious microcosm and instill a deep well-being in us.

When we return from a trip at the sea, or mountains or big city to our magical ambient of our little village, everything come back to be “suspended” and life restart to pass quiet, as much as happen for centuries.

Spend a while in Igliano means balance the rhythm of your own life and can help to regain the serenity repress by the chaotic city life.

Igliano, where our roots begin.





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